New hyper-connected and ecological dryers and washing machines presented by Electrolux

Electrolux Introduces New Smart Hi-Tech Range of Garment Care Appliances: Reducing Environmental Impact and Prolonging Clothing Lifespan

Electrolux, a renowned Swedish household appliance brand, is set to launch a new smart hi-tech range of products dedicated to garment care. The line aims to reduce the environmental impact of textile consumption and prolong the lifespan of clothes. The 600-700-800-900 series for washing machines, 700-800 series for washer-dryers, and 600-700-900 series for dryers will be available in Italy starting June 24th.

In Europe, individuals throw away an average of over 6.5 kg of clothing per year, with the majority ending up in incinerators or landfills. This amounts to almost 5 million tonnes of clothing annually disposed of on the continent due to various reasons such as wear and tear, fading colors and stains related to laundry care. Electrolux’s new UltraQuick function promises to eliminate over 50 common stains in less than an hour by using a special system that distributes detergent and softener evenly before reaching the drum. By doing so, Electrolux aims to double the lifespan of garments while reducing their environmental impact.

The new line of appliances features a DynamicDisplay screen that simplifies navigation and provides personalized guidance as well as an Electrolux app that offers consumption data and helps users make more efficient choices. Additionally, SmartSelect and SmartSave functions optimize cycle settings to save time, energy and water while reducing the environmental footprint associated with appliance use.

With this innovative range, Electrolux hopes to encourage consumers to make informed decisions when caring for their clothes while minimizing their environmental impact.

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