El Paso County Commissioners Set to Decide on Sheriff’s Office Mental Health Program Vote

El Paso Sheriff’s Office Proposes Mental Health Program for Officers, Prioritizing Support and Resources for Those Who Protect Us.

El Paso Sheriff’s office has proposed a mental health program for its officers, with a service agreement to be presented to Commissioners Court for approval. The initiative was submitted by Sheriff Richard D. Wiles and aims to offer individual and group therapy sessions to peace officers and deputies. The program is a collaboration with Family Endeavors, Inc., which will provide specialized treatments such as animal therapy and art therapy to support the mental well-being of Sheriff’s Office personnel. Funding for this initiative comes from a grant award, as stated in the agenda item documents.

If approved, the program will be operational from March 2024 through March 2025. This marks an important step towards prioritizing the mental health of law enforcement officers in El Paso. It is crucial to provide support and resources to those who serve and protect our community on a daily basis.

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