The Dutch company critical to China’s tech industry

Dutch Prime Minister’s Visit to China Amid NATO Secretary General Speculation and Tensions Over Semiconductor Industry

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is currently in Beijing, where he is meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Qiang. Rutte’s visit holds significance due to his potential appointment as NATO Secretary General post his current term. Despite the Netherlands typically playing a lower-key role as a trading partner with China, Rutte’s visit is particularly important to Beijing due to China’s dependency on a Dutch company, ASML, in the global technological race.

China and the US are engaged in an economic war over semiconductor industry dominance, with the Netherlands’ alliance with the US leading to restrictions on ASML’s export to China. Xi Jinping and Li Qiang are trying to negotiate with the Dutch government to maintain repair services for ASML machines already in China. Despite facing challenges in circumventing the embargo, China wants to ensure continued technological development. Xi criticized Rutte’s decision to join the embargo, emphasizing China’s right to progress technologically and hinting at the country’s determination to advance despite limitations.

As tensions escalate between global powers over technological supremacy, Rutte’s visit holds strategic importance for both China and the Netherlands. The outcome of discussions between the leaders could impact the trajectory of global semiconductor industry dynamics and geopolitical relations.

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