Downtown stadium vote elicits strong reaction from Crossroads business owners

Crossroads Business Owners Rejoice as Downtown Ballpark for Royals Fails to Secure Taxpayer Support in Stadium Sales Tax Proposal

Business owners in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, MO are rejoicing after a proposal for a downtown ballpark for the Royals failed to gain support in a stadiums sales tax proposal. Chet Duvenci, a business owner in the area, is particularly ecstatic with the outcome and feels that the community has become even closer as a result.

Duvenci and other businesses in the Crossroads worked together to oppose the new stadium, believing it to be a bad deal for taxpayers. They did not want to see their money going to billionaires when it could be spent on the people. Mat Adkins, another business owner in the neighborhood, expressed his relief that their efforts paid off despite feeling like the odds were against them.

Despite the election results, Jill Cockson believes that the fight to keep a stadium out of the neighborhood is not over. She plans to work towards implementing added protections for properties in the area to make it more difficult for a stadium to be proposed there in the future. In

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