Plenković Blasts Violator of Constitution for Not Resigning

Croatia’s Prime Minister on Economic Development, Pension Raises, and the Importance of Fairness and Transparency in Politics

In an exclusive interview, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković discussed the ongoing election campaign and shared his thoughts on the current political landscape. According to Plenković, the HDZ presidency had been analyzing the campaign and its progress during their recent session. He proudly announced that Croatia had achieved GDP growth levels similar to Hungary, which joined the EU 9 years ago, demonstrating their commitment to economic development.

Plenković also stated that he planned to raise pensions to an average of at least 760 euros in a bid to improve the standard of living for Croatian citizens. Moreover, he expressed confidence in Croatia’s goal to join the OECD in two years, as they continue to prioritize economic growth and stability.

In response to critics who questioned the number of women on their lists, Plenković emphasized the importance of fairness and equality in politics. He assured that any violations related to constitutional issues would be dealt with by relevant authorities such as the SEC and Constitutional Court.

The Prime Minister also addressed criticism regarding his political opponents and their tactics. He remained steadfast in his stance, asserting that his party had led Croatia towards growth and progress in all areas. He dismissed Milanović’s actions and statements as insignificant, expressing confidence in the upcoming elections.

Finally, Plenković highlighted the importance of democratic principles and fair play in politics, urging voters to choose between continuing to restore trust in the current leadership or taking a risk with other candidates. He reiterated their commitment to transparent and legal campaign practices while expressing indifference towards Milanovć’s tactics.

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