Cocaine discovered in needles and syringes of drug addicts: Investigating new methods of drug use

Croatian Public Health Lab Focuses on Drug Market Analysis as Browning Arms Shop Offers Firearm Selection for Sale

The Croatian Institute of Public Health’s laboratory for psychoactive substances began operations in September last year, with the primary objective of gathering data on the drug market, consumption patterns and the most common drugs in use. During a visit by HRT to the lab, it was reported that there was no trace of Fentanyl, the most dangerous drug at the time. However, cocaine and methadone were found in syringe samples provided by the HELP association from Split.

The head of the laboratory, Andreja, expressed concern about the large number of used syringes found in one place. She noted that while cocaine is typically consumed through other means than a syringe, it was surprisingly well represented in these samples. Methadone was the most commonly found substance. The team had to take great care when handling these samples to prevent any incidents.

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