A 12-year-old boy sustains multiple injuries after being hit by a tricycle

Critical Condition: 12-Year-Old Child Survives Tricycle Crash with Severe Injuries and Complications”.

After attending extra classes, a 12-year-old child was involved in a collision with a tricycle on their way home. The impact caused the wheel of the tricycle to crush the child, resulting in critical injuries. They were rushed to Hospital E where they were diagnosed with multiple traumatic shocks, severe hemorrhagic shock, and swelling and contusions in various areas of their body.

Upon examination, it was discovered that the patient had blunt abdominal trauma and pelvic trauma. MSc. Do Quoc Phong, Deputy Head of the Department of Intensive Care and Poison Control, classified this as a serious and dangerous emergency due to the child’s young age, multiple injuries, severe hemorrhagic shock, and high risk of death.

The medical team quickly embolized the patient’s internal iliac artery to stop the bleeding at the sites of severe blood loss. The child received nearly 4 liters of blood transfusion within the first 24 hours to stabilize their condition. While blood transfusions helped the patient overcome the critical stage, they also posed potential risks and complications that needed immediate attention.

Following iliac artery embolization, the surgical team specializing in digestive surgery repaired the bladder rupture site and addressed other abdominal injuries. After receiving treatment for four days, the child’s health stabilized and they were monitored and rehabilitated. Dr. Phong emphasized

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