Fox Sports and AEG to co-host new basketball tournament to compete with NIT

College Basketball Crown: A New Postseason Tournament Challenging Traditional Alternatives

In 2025, a new postseason college basketball tournament called the College Basketball Crown is set to launch. Featuring 16 teams and major conference partnerships, the tournament will take place over a week in Las Vegas next April. The tournament will include two automatic qualifiers from the Big Ten, Big 12, and Big East conferences that did not earn NCAA tournament bids, as well as 10 additional at-large teams selected by a committee. All games will be broadcast on either Fox or FS1.

The arrival of the College Basketball Crown has raised questions about the future of other March Madness alternatives, such as the National Invitation Tournament (NIT), which has been ongoing since 1938. NCAA’s Senior Vice President of Basketball, Dan Gavitt, has suggested that the viability of the NIT could be in jeopardy with the new tournament entering the scene.

Despite these uncertainties, the College Basketball Crown has garnered significant support and is poised to become a top alternative to the NCAA tournament and NIT. With backing from Fox Sports and AEG, the tournament aims to provide an exciting postseason opportunity for college basketball teams and fans alike. The partnership with Fox Sports and AEG is expected to provide a high-quality postseason opportunity for coaches, players, and schools.

Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman has expressed excitement about the new tournament, calling it an innovative addition to the college basketball calendar. She believes that it will provide an excellent chance for teams that may not have had an opportunity to compete in other tournaments to showcase their talent on a national stage. Additionally, she feels confident that it will attract both players and coaches from around the country who are looking for a top-notch postseason experience.

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