Medical College of Wisconsin releases mental health strategy guide

Coalitions Across Wisconsin Unite to Enhance Mental Health Support for Residents

Some communities across the state are taking action to improve the mental health of their residents. After eight years of research, a new strategy guide has been developed that highlights what 10 coalitions have learned works in various areas of the state. This initiative is part of the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Advancing Behavioral Health Initiative, which aims to identify effective strategies that can be adapted to fit different communities.

One example of this is Connections for Mental Wellness in Green Bay, which has focused on improving mental health care access for Brown County students in schools. They have also provided mental health “first-aid” training and created a mental health services navigation website at Kathleen McKee, the executive director of Connections for Mental Wellness, emphasizes that each coalition is working on strategies to enhance mental health support and observing the results over time.

Since its launch, the website has been visited over 350,000 times, demonstrating the community’s interest in connecting with mental health resources. Over 750 individuals in Brown County have been trained to identify signs of a mental health crisis and provide support to those in need. By encouraging conversations about mental health and reducing stigma, the coalitions are making progress in advancing mental wellness.

McKee hopes that the strategy guide will be widely adopted by other communities to extend support to people across the state. By sharing resources and experiences, these coalitions aim to empower individuals to seek help and prioritize their mental well-being. It is important to remember that discussing mental health and seeking assistance are signs of strength, and by working together, communities can make a significant impact on mental health awareness and support.

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