IFF Successfully Divests its Cosmetics Ingredients Business

Clariant Acquires IFF’s Cosmetic Ingredients Business, Furthering Focus on Sustainability in the Beauty Industry

Clariant, a specialty chemicals company with a focus on sustainability, has acquired IFF’s (NYSE: IFF) Cosmetic Ingredients business. This move allows the Cosmetic Ingredients business to continue delivering innovative ingredients for cosmetics and personal care products as part of Clariant.

IFF CEO Erik Fyrwald stated that the divestiture is part of the company’s strategic transformation to prioritize innovation and better serve customers in their core businesses. The sale of the Cosmetic Ingredients Business will enable IFF to make strategic growth investments, reduce debt, and lower interest costs. Fyrwald expressed gratitude to the cosmetics colleagues for their dedication to excellence and wished them success in their new journey.

IFF is a global leader in food, beverage, health, biosciences, and scent experiences, where science and creativity intersect to create essential solutions for a better world. Their team collaborates with customers to develop scents, tastes, experiences, ingredients, and solutions that people crave. By leveraging art and science, IFF aims to do more good for people and the planet. Learn more about IFF on their website and social media channels.

For media inquiries, contact Paulina Heinkel at 332.877.5339 or [media.request@iff.com](mailto:media.request@iff.com). For investor relations

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