Bulls secure spot in Play-In Tournament for the second consecutive season

Chicago Bulls’ Playoff Hopes Dimmed as Magic Number Reaches Six Games

The Chicago Bulls have secured a spot in the NBA Play-In Tournament for the second consecutive season, after the Brooklyn Nets lost to the Indiana Pacers on Monday night. The Bulls need a combination of victories and losses by the Atlanta Hawks that total six to secure their position as the ninth seed and have home-court advantage in the first play-in game.

With just six games left in the regular season, the Bulls are now eliminated from contention for the sixth seed, which would allow them to bypass the Play-In Tournament altogether. However, it is likely that they will face off against their rivals, the Atlanta Hawks, in the first play-in game.

The Bulls’ recent 113-101 loss to the Hawks has put them just one game away from missing out on home court advantage in their first playoff matchup since 2017. With a magic number of six, they need to keep winning games while keeping an eye on their rivals’ results to clinch their place in postseason action.

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