Auditors Chamber of Israel warns of ‘unprecedented actions’

Chamber of Auditors Calls for Delay in Implementation of Anti-Evasion Measure Amid Ongoing War

The Chamber of Auditors has called for a delay in the implementation of a mechanism designed to combat tax evasion and fictitious receipts. The pre-reservation of tax receipts for transactions over NIS 25,000 was supposed to take effect on April 1, 2024. However, the Chamber believes that the ongoing war has had a significant impact on reservists and evacuees, and their businesses have already suffered greatly. As a result, they cannot afford to deal with additional bureaucracy at this time.

If the decision to postpone is not made, the Chamber warned that it may be forced to take unprecedented measures. They stated that they will not take into account receipts without a pre-reserved number when writing off VAT. This is a measure that was put in place to ensure that all transactions are properly documented and accounted for.

The Chamber of Auditors believes that delaying the implementation of this mechanism until the beginning of 2025 will give businesses enough time to adjust and prepare for the new requirements. They also hope that by then, the situation in Ukraine will stabilize and allow businesses to focus on growth rather than survival.

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