Marielle Thompson of B.C. claims her third consecutive World Cup ski cross gold

Canada’s Marielle Thompson Dominates Ski Cross World Cup Gold with Fourth Consecutive Win in Georgia

In Georgia, Canada’s Marielle Thompson won her third consecutive World Cup gold medal in women’s ski cross on Sunday. This victory marks her fourth win in five races and she leads the season standings. The reigning Olympic silver medallist, Thompson had a successful weekend, winning two gold medals.

Thompson was thrilled with her performance and shared her thoughts, “I tried to be better each run today and to ski clean the whole way down. I learned from last year at the world championships here that small mistakes can make you lose speed very quickly.” She emphasized the importance of a strong start and focused on quick and powerful movements at the gate to propel her forward throughout the race.

Joining Thompson on the podium were France’s Marielle Berger Sabbatel and Switzerland’s Talina Gantenbein, who won silver and bronze, respectively. India Sherret of Cranbrook, B.C., finished fourth in the final, adding to Canada’s strong showing in the competition. The event showcased Thompson’s skill and determination, solidifying her status as a top contender in the women’s ski cross circuit.

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