Cameroon Football Association Surprised by Sports Ministry’s Choice of New Team Coach

Cameroon’s Sports Ministry Appoints New Coach without Consultation or adherence to Decree

Cameroon’s sports ministry has appointed Marc Brys as the new coach of the national team, replacing Rigobert Song. The football federation expressed its astonishment at the decision, stating that it was made unilaterally and against the terms of Decree No. 2014/384 regarding the organization of national football teams.

The federation is seeking clarity on the matter and is trying to resolve the issue. They are in contact with FIFA to address the situation concerning Brys’ appointment without their knowledge. The statement from the federation expressed disappointment at the lack of consultation in the decision-making process and emphasized the importance of abiding by regulations governing national football teams.

The federation was unaware of Brys’ appointment and is working to investigate the situation, as FIFA prohibits government involvement in national football. Song, whose contract expired after the Africa Cup of Nations, led the team to

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