Funding from state grants to support technology classes across the region.

Bridging the Digital Divide: Local Organizations Receive State Grant Funding to Improve Digital Literacy Skills

In our region, several organizations have received state grant funding to improve digital literacy skills. Unlike providing internet access, the grants are focused on teaching individuals how to effectively use computers. Senator Jon Lundberg highlighted the importance of digital skills across various industries, stating that capabilities beyond social media platforms are in demand.

Northeast State Community College, Cloudwise Academy, and the Bristol Library are among the organizations receiving funding. Cloudwise Academy plans to use the money to create a program that teaches website development and artificial intelligence usage for business purposes. The Bristol Library intends to hire an additional staff member to expand their digital skills classes and offer more personalized assistance.

By investing in digital literacy programs, these organizations aim to address the growing need for technological proficiency in our community. Whether it’s teaching basic computer skills or advanced programming techniques, the grants are helping bridge the digital divide and equip individuals with essential capabilities. Through these initiatives, individuals of all ages can access valuable resources and support to enhance their digital literacy skills.

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