7 Things to Know About the Rabies Vaccine

Breaking Down the Importance of Rabies Vaccination: Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions

The urgency of rabies vaccination was emphasized by Dr. Bui Thanh Phong, Medical Manager of the VNVC Vaccination System. Despite widespread awareness, many deaths still occur due to lack of vaccination after being bitten or scratched by animals. In the first three months of 2024, 27 deaths from rabies were reported in Vietnam, highlighting the importance of prompt vaccination.

Dr. Phong outlined seven key points regarding rabies vaccination to ensure people understand its importance and are vaccinated on time. The vaccine should be administered early after an animal bite to produce specific antibodies that prevent the rabies virus from reaching the nervous system. Anti-rabies serum should be given alongside the vaccine for enhanced effectiveness. Even if an animal appears healthy after a bite, it is crucial to get vaccinated as the virus can have a long incubation period before symptoms manifest.

Contrary to popular beliefs, people who receive the rabies vaccine do not need to abstain from sexual activity during their treatment period. However, it is advisable to avoid strenuous physical activities and substances that may reduce vaccine efficacy during this time. A single dose of the vaccine is insufficient for providing long-term immunity against rabies, and a full regimen must be prescribed by a healthcare professional for effective prevention against illness and death.

Pregnant women can safely receive the rabies vaccine without any disruption to their vaccination schedule. There is no evidence linking fetal abnormalities with vaccination; instead, it’s an essential preventative measure for expectant mothers in protecting themselves and their communities from this deadly disease. Modern rabies vaccines available in Vietnam are safe, pure and highly effective, dispelling misconceptions about their safety and efficacy.

The cost of rabies vaccines varies depending on where you receive them and which type you choose but usually ranges between 250 thousand VND to 500 thousand VND per dose.

It’s crucial for individuals seeking protection against rabies to access reliable vaccination facilities such as hospitals, health centers and clinics.

In conclusion, timely administration of a complete regimen of Rabies vaccine is vital in preventing Rabies infection which has high mortality rate even though there are misconceptions about its safety among some people . It’s important for individuals to understand its importance and seek medical advice promptly if they suspect they may have been exposed to Rabid animals so that they can take appropriate measures for their health protection and well-being

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