Insightful Perspective on NFL Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative from Thomas Jefferson University Medical Student

Breaking Barriers: Thomas Jefferson Medical Student Azra Dees Selected for NFL Diversity in Sports Medicine Initiative

As a fourth-year medical student at Thomas Jefferson University’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Azra Dees has been selected for the NFL Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative. She is one of only 30 individuals in the United States to receive this prestigious opportunity.

Dees is passionate about promoting diversity in sports medicine and believes that it’s essential for professional football players to see people who look like them taking care of them. Unfortunately, under 2% of orthopedic surgeons are Black, and even fewer are Black women. Dees wants to change this by encouraging more medical students from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in sports medicine.

During her training rotation, Dees worked with the New York Jets to gain firsthand experience working in an NFL club setting. She found that sheer knowledge was great for her but also understanding how patients were managed was crucial.

Dees is a lifelong Eagles fan, but she understands that working for the team would be a dream. She hopes that one day she can bring more diversity to the field of sports medicine and inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

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