AAMWA builds a community for mental health support for Black men

Breaking Barriers: The African American Male Wellness Agency’s Real Men, Real Talk Initiative Empowers Black Men to Prioritize their Mental Health

The African American Male Wellness Agency is dedicated to improving the mental health of Black men through their Real Men, Real Talk initiative. For several years, the agency has been addressing men’s mental health by providing a safe space for open dialogue among Black men. Recently, the agency revamped their barbershop talks into a more structured program that aims to encourage Black men to openly discuss their traumas, experiences, and battles.

Studies have shown that people of color are more likely to end therapy prematurely due to cultural divides with their therapist. Dr. Rayshawn Wilson, the Director of Mental Wellness for the African American Male Wellness Agency, notes that trauma, unforgiveness, racism, and discrimination are major factors that prompt Black men to attend their events or seek therapy services. The Real Men, Real Talk initiative offers a supportive community where shared experiences can lead to individuals feeling more comfortable sharing their own struggles.

Through this program, men can offer support, share strategies and build connections with one another. The African American Male Wellness Agency currently serves 18 cities nationwide and will be hosting a national Real Men, Real Talk event on July 18th. This event provides an opportunity for Black men to come together and discuss important issues related to mental health and well-being.

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