Workers at a Siberian shipyard endure harsh subzero temperatures to continue their work.

Brave Workers Tackle Extreme Conditions in Russia’s Far East to Fix Damaged Ships

In the heart of Russia’s Far East, in the snow-covered shipyard of Yakutia, workers brave subzero temperatures to perform the grueling task of ‘vymorozka,’ or ‘freezing out,’ on ships in need of repair. This demanding and tedious work can take weeks to complete, with temperatures plummeting as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius (-58 F).

Despite being named one of the hardest jobs in the world by locals, these workers see it differently. 48-year-old worker Mikhail Klus believes that dressing appropriately and adapting to extreme conditions make the job bearable. He even compares it to being in a sauna after taking off his cold-weather gear and entering a heated building.

Performing ‘vymorozka’ requires precision and skill. Workers must be careful not to cut through the ice too quickly and risk sinking into water below. Twenty-two-year-old Artyom Kovalec admits that at times, extreme cold can lead to negative emotions and a desire to go home, eat, and relax. Still, he emphasizes the importance of pushing through and maintaining composure.

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