Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun to retire in 2024

Boeing Faces Major Leadership Shakeup Amid Ongoing Quality Control Issues

Boeing is going through a major shakeup as three of its top executives are set to leave the company. This includes CEO Dave Calhoun, board chair Larry Kellner, and head of commercial airplanes Stan Deal. The decision comes as Boeing grapples with increased scrutiny following quality control issues that came to light after a piece of an Alaska Airlines jet fell off during a flight in January.

Stan Deal, who has been with Boeing for 37 years and led the company’s commercial airplanes division since 2015, is retiring from the company effective Monday. He is known for his operational skills and leadership abilities, but the incident with the Alaska Airlines plane has highlighted the need for new leadership in this area.

Calhoun, who joined Boeing’s board of directors 10 years ago and took over as CEO in 2020, is also stepping down at the end of 2024. He is known for his direct communication style and crisis management expertise, but the incident with the Alaska Airlines plane has prompted concerns about his ability to lead the company through ongoing manufacturing and quality control issues.

Larry Kellner, who has been with Boeing for 48 years and served as board chair since 2017, has announced that he will not seek re-election at the upcoming shareholder meeting. He is known for his strong business acumen and strategic thinking, but his leadership style has been criticized by some shareholders who feel he has not done enough to address ongoing quality control issues.

This situation is still unfolding and updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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