BioHarvest Sciences recruits new talent to bolster CDMO Services Business Unit expansion efforts

BioHarvest Sciences Inc. Appoints Senior Artificial Intelligence Scientist and Vice President of Business Development to Lead CDMO Services Business Unit

In Vancouver, Canada, BioHarvest Sciences Inc CEO Ilan Sobel has recently made two key appointments to lead initiatives within the newly launched CDMO Services Business Unit. Professor Itay Mayrose was appointed as the Senior Artificial Intelligence Scientist to drive development initiatives in the unit, while Matt Zrebiec was introduced as the Vice President of Business Development to bring 23 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector and drive new deals for the CDMO Business Unit.

Zrebiec’s background in branded specialty, biotech, generics, and CDMO pharmaceuticals positions him well to contribute to BioHarvest’s growth and success in the area of business development. His expertise will be crucial in identifying new opportunities and driving deals that will benefit both BioHarvest and its clients.

Professor Mayrose is a globally recognized expert in plant computational genomics, known for his multidisciplinary approach that combines computer science with biological research. His work in pioneering the use of artificial intelligence in genome editing and evolutionary studies has led to groundbreaking discoveries published in prestigious scientific journals. By leveraging his expertise, BioHarvest aims to advance its strategic objectives and deliver value to stakeholders through innovative solutions.

These appointments underscore BioHarvest’s commitment to driving innovation and excellence within its CDMO Services Business Unit. By leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals like Zrebiec and Professor Mayrose, the company aims to position itself at the forefront of innovation and excellence in CDMO services. For more information about BioHarvest Sciences Inc., contact Proactive North America at +1 604-688-8158 or email

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