M12 connectors for surface mount technology now available from Binder

Binder Launches Succinct Range of M12 SMT Connectors for Factory Automation and Robotics Devices

Binder, a renowned supplier of industrial circular connectors, is now introducing a range of M12 connectors designed for surface mount technology (SMT). These SMDs are perfect for use in automation technology devices, sensors, actuators, and robotics due to their suitability for automated processes.

Binder’s SMD connectors are available in various configurations, including 4, 6, and 8 contacts, with different coding options and an IP67 protection class. They are compact and easy to automate processing, making them ideal for applications in factory and process automation, instrumentation, robotics, sensors, and actuators.

Surface mount technology (SMT) offers significant space savings compared to through-hole technology (THT) or through-hole reflow (THR) processes. The SMD contact pins are placed directly on the surface of the PCB and connected using solder paste, allowing for high component density and miniaturization of electronic assemblies.

Binder’s SMT products come in different packaging options that are suitable for automated processing. All M12 products from binder provide industry-standard protection against dust and water (IP67), making them ideal for harsh environments. Additionally, they are designed to be compatible with existing PCB drilling patterns for easy integration into any project.

For more information on Binder’s SMT products or to place an order today visit www.binder-usa.com

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