Business Students Exchange Goods for the Benefit of Local Charities

Beyond the Classroom: Professor Dyck’s Revolutionary Business Course Promotes Real-World Application and Community Involvement

Professor Loren Dyck of the University of La Verne is revolutionizing the way MBA students approach business transactions with a new course, BUS 551: Seminar in Organization Theory and Behavior. The course challenges students to barter a small $1 item for something of greater value within the La Verne community, allowing them to apply organizational theory and behavior concepts learned in class to a real-world scenario.

Over the years, this unique project has given students valuable skills such as negotiation, decision-making analysis, emotional intelligence in the workplace, and enhancing communication within groups. Professor Dyck created this assignment to provide students with a hands-on experience in applying course concepts and theories beyond traditional case studies.

In recent years, students have taken their commitment to community and civic engagement one step further by donating the items they bartered to local charities. This addition to the project highlights not only their dedication to giving back but also their ability to apply course concepts and theories in practical ways.

As BUS 551 nears its tenth year, Professor Dyck is proud of the impact his class has had on both his students and the wider community. Over time, they have bartered and collected over $8,000 worth of items for various local charities. While this year’s total was nearly $300 in value – still a significant contribution – Dyck sees each year as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

The University of La Verne continues to foster a community of changemakers through its dedicated faculty like Professor Dyck. To stay updated on all the latest happenings at the university, visit their news page at

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