Watch live as President Biden discusses ways to lower health care costs, including the affordability of inhalers.

Bernie Sanders and Biden Announce Inhaler Price Reductions: A Step Towards Affordable Healthcare for All Americans

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and President Biden will hold a press conference at the White House to discuss recent price reductions for inhalers by pharmaceutical companies. Following Senator Sanders’ letter urging drug manufacturers to review the prices of inhalers, which were significantly higher in the US compared to other countries like the UK, many Americans will now see their out-of-pocket costs capped at $35. The price of one inhaler in the US was $645, 13 times higher than what consumers in the UK were paying.

This is a significant step towards making essential medications more affordable and accessible for all Americans. The press conference, which will be broadcast live, is expected to shed light on the importance of affordable healthcare and the government’s commitment to reducing the financial burden on patients. It is a positive development in the ongoing effort to make healthcare more equitable for all Americans.

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