Baltimore Bridge collapse sparks conspiracy theories amid fears of World War III

Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation Spread on Social Media Despite Official Assurances

After a bridge in Baltimore collapsed following a collision with a container ship, conspiracy theories emerged on social media platforms. Despite authorities stating that there was no evidence of criminal activity, various theories were circulated, ranging from terrorists to foreign agents. Influencers like Andrew Tate and Alex Jones fueled speculation by suggesting cyber attacks and deliberate actions as the cause of the collapse.

While the exact cause of the collapse is still being investigated, Singapore port authorities have indicated that it was due to a momentary loss of propulsion on the ship. Despite assurances from officials that there is no evidence of terrorism, rumors continue to circulate linking the incident to various conflicts and agendas.

Some social media users have suggested connections to the conflict in Gaza, while others have raised questions about the motives of certain companies and initiatives. Despite these claims, officials maintain that there is no evidence of foul play and view the collapse as an unfortunate accident. However, some viewers see it as a distraction from other events and continue to speculate about what really happened on that fateful day.

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