Zaur Nasirov Assumes Leadership of Stepanakert’s Police Department

Azerbaijani Appointed as Head of Stepanakert Police Department Amid Ongoing Tensions

Sardar Safarov, a police major general from Azerbaijan, was appointed as the head of Stepanakert patrol in October 2020. This is the second reported appointment of an Azerbaijani in Stepanakert since the depopulation of Artsakh. Now, Zaur Nasirov has been appointed as the head of the Stepanakert police department. Nasirov was born in 1980 and is a police colonel; he previously worked as the deputy head of the Baku city police department for operational work and since 2021, has been the head of the Goygol district police department.

Nasirov’s appointment comes amid ongoing tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan over their disputed territorial claims. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has led to widespread violence and displacement, with many Armenians fleeing to neighboring countries including Russia and Turkey. As a result, some Armenian residents have expressed concerns about having an Azerbaijani in charge of their local law enforcement.

Despite these concerns, Nasirov has promised to maintain law and order in Stepanakert while working closely with local communities to build trust and ensure public safety. In a statement following his appointment, Nasirov said: “I am honored to be given this opportunity to serve as the head of Stepanakert’s police department and I am committed to upholding our shared values of justice and equality.”

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