Port and bus traffic disrupted as ACP employees participate in strikes

Auto Workers’ Union Announces Political Strike: Thousands Participate in protest against weakening of working life

The Auto- and Transport Workers’ Union (AKT) has announced that bus drivers and maintenance repair shop staff will participate in political strikes on Wednesday and Thursday, affecting approximately 10,000 employees. The reason for the strikes is the government’s extensive weakening of working life, according to AKT.

The stevedores have also joined the strike, which will last from Wednesday to Friday, effectively halting port operations. AKT has left notices of political strikes to employers.

The demands of the ACP include proper negotiations on plans to weaken working life in a tripartite manner with employees and employers. Additionally, AKT has left notices of political strikes to employers.

As a result of the strike, bus traffic both in local traffic and on long-distance routes will be heavily impacted on Wednesday and Thursday. The planned reductions in unemployment security are expected to be severe, according to AKT. The strikes are in response to the government’s extensive weakening of working life, including changes to unemployment security and the ability to dismiss employees for a valid reason without proper communication and negotiation. Labor struggle work tasks, the failure of which would cause a danger to people’s lives, health or property, are limited to the outside.

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