iPhone 16 Pro Now Available in Space Gray, White, and Rose Colors with Increased Storage

Apple Rumors: iPhone 16 Pro to Feature Color-Infused Back Glass System, Could Be a Departure from Typical Practice

A new rumor about the iPhone 16 Pro has emerged, suggesting that it will incorporate the color-infused back glass system that was introduced with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. This new feature is said to enhance durability and provide more vibrant colors.

The rumored color lineup for the iPhone 16 Pro may have already been leaked, but a recent post on Chinese social media site Weibo reveals that Apple is planning to use the same color-infusing technology for the device as was first seen on the iPhone 15 models in 2023.

Apple touted this color-infusing method as an “industry first,” saying that it creates five beautiful colors by infusing color throughout the back glass. The back glass is strengthened using a dual-ion exchange process, polished with nanocrystalline particles, and etched to create a luxurious matte finish. The aerospace-grade aluminum enclosure of the phone will also feature a contoured edge for added comfort.

If this rumor holds true, it would be a departure from Apple’s usual practice of introducing new features on the Pro models first. Typically, advancements in technology debut on the Pro models and then trickle down to the regular models in subsequent years. In this case, while not necessarily superior to what was used on the iPhone 15, this color-infusing technique could provide some unique benefits for users.

While this leaker has posted more Apple rumors in recent years, their track record for accuracy is not strong. Previous rumors about the colors of the iPhone 16 Pro have been inconsistent, with one leak suggesting yellow or cement colors in February 2024 while another suggested blue or green colors earlier in the year.

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