Amazon Fresh grocery stores in the US are phasing out Just Walk Out technology

Amazon Ditches ‘Just Walk Out’ Technology for Smart Carts in Grocery Stores: A Commitment to Continuously Improve the Shopping Experience for Customers

Amazon has made changes to its Amazon Fresh stores by removing the Just Walk Out technology in favor of smart carts. This decision comes after feedback from customers who wanted to view their receipts and savings as they shopped. The smart carts will provide customers with the convenience of skipping the checkout line while still offering the ability to monitor their spending and savings in real-time.

Amazon spokesperson Carly Golden stated that the smart carts will enhance the shopping experience for customers by addressing their feedback. The technology will be implemented in Amazon Fresh stores, which have been redesigned over the past year. The goal is to improve the grocery business for Amazon, which operates numerous Fresh grocery stores across the United States, with a concentration in states like California, Illinois, Virginia, and Washington. In addition to Fresh stores, the company owns Whole Foods and operates Amazon Go cashier-free convenience stores.

CEO Andy Jassy highlighted Amazon’s efforts to improve its grocery business in his annual letter to shareholders in 2023. The company has been strategic in its approach, revamping stores that were not meeting expectations and focusing on selectively opening new Fresh stores. Just Walk Out technology will still be available in Amazon Go stores and some smaller Amazon Fresh stores in the U.K., as well as being offered to third-party retailers. Amazon is dedicated to finding the right balance between technology and customer preferences in its grocery operations.

Overall, this change reflects Amazon’s commitment to continuously improving its products and services based on customer feedback. By implementing smart carts that offer real-time spending monitoring while allowing customers to skip lines at checkout points, Amazon aims to create a more convenient shopping experience for customers while also enhancing their overall satisfaction with their purchases.

In conclusion, this move by Amazon shows how much it values customer feedback and takes action accordingly. By replacing Just Walk Out technology with smart carts, customers can now monitor their spending while skipping lines at checkout points, making for a more convenient shopping experience overall.

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