Amazon is discontinuing cashier-less ‘Just Walk Out’ technology at Fresh stores

Amazon Ditches “Just Walk Out” Tech at Larger Grocery Stores, Introduces “Smart Carts” and More Self-Checkout Options

Amazon has decided to discontinue its cashier-less “Just Walk Out” technology at its larger Amazon Fresh grocery stores, as reported by The Information. Originally introduced in 2016, the technology allowed customers to enter the store, pick up items, and leave without having to go through a traditional checkout process. However, a report in May 2023 revealed that the system actually required 1,000 employees in India to monitor the cameras and ensure that transactions were accurately recorded. Approximately 70% of “Just Walk Out” purchases depended on the overseas workers.

In place of this technology, Amazon will now implement “smart carts” that enable customers to scan items as they shop to skip checkout lines. Additionally, there will be more self-checkout stations available for non-Amazon members at the larger Amazon Fresh stores. This change will only be implemented in the larger Amazon Fresh stores, of which there are around 40 in the U.S. locations include Oceanside, N.Y., Paramus, N.J., Broomall, Pa., and Warrington, Pa. The company plans to continue using the “Just Walk Out” technology in its smaller Amazon Go stores and select Amazon Fresh locations in the U.K.

The decision to discontinue “Just Walk Out” technology at its larger grocery stores marks a significant shift for Amazon’s approach to retail shopping experience. While this technology was initially praised for its convenience and speed of use for customers, it also raised concerns about privacy and security issues associated with camera surveillance and data collection. By implementing “smart carts” and increasing self-checkout options at larger grocery stores, Amazon is now providing customers with more flexible payment methods while also addressing some of these concerns about privacy and security.

The move also highlights how companies are constantly adapting their strategies based on customer feedback and market trends. As consumers become more aware of their data privacy rights and seek out more personalized experiences from retailers, companies like Amazon must continue to innovate in order to stay competitive.

Overall, this decision marks an interesting development for Amazon’s approach to retail shopping experience. While it may be disappointing news for fans of “Just Walk Out” technology who enjoyed the convenience it offered without having to physically interact with store employees or stand in long checkout lines

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