Amazon is discontinuing the use of ‘Just Walk Out’ technology in grocery stores

Amazon Dash Cart: Revolutionizing Shopping Experience with Cashless Payment System

In a move to improve the shopping experience for its customers, Amazon is replacing its “Just Walk Out” technology with the “Amazon Dash Cart” at its Amazon Fresh stores in the United States. The new technology allows shoppers to pick up items, scan them, and place them in their cart without having to wait in a checkout line.

According to Jessica Martin, an Amazon spokesperson, the company has spent time redesigning its Amazon Fresh stores to provide a better shopping experience for its customers. Customers had requested features such as easily finding products and deals, viewing their receipts while shopping, and understanding how much money they saved.

The “Amazon Dash Cart” aims to provide all of these benefits and more. It also eliminates the need for customers to wait in lines or interact with cashiers. Instead, payments are made automatically as customers place items in their carts.

While this change may be disappointing for some customers who enjoyed the convenience of “Just Walk Out,” Amazon is keeping the technology at its Amazon Go stores and smaller Amazon Fresh stores in the U.K. The company opened its first cashier-less physical grocery store outside the U.S. in London in 2021.

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