Italian hackers pirate Piracy Shield, the anti-piracy software

Alleged Piracy Shield Breach Sparks Controversy: Leaked Source Code Exposes Censorship Allegations

The Italian digital landscape is once again facing controversy surrounding the effectiveness of Piracy Shield, an anti-piracy platform managed by AgCom and SP Tech. Despite being criticized in the past for mistakenly blocking legitimate sites, the platform is now dealing with a new challenge: the theft and online publication of its source code. The leaked information includes details from the user interface to data models, storage management, filesystems, APIs, and internal documentation. The perpetrator behind this breach has not been identified, but the incident has sparked widespread criticism of Piracy Shield, with many viewing it as a tool of censorship rather than a piracy solution.

Adding to the complexity is the revelation that Piracy Shield has blocked 15 IP addresses belonging to Akamai, the world’s largest Content Delivery Network. This discovery has fueled further debate on the platform’s legitimacy and effectiveness. MP Giulia Pastorella of Action has expressed concern over these developments and called for urgent intervention to address the issues raised and prevent potential abuse. The recent distribution of access credentials to hundreds of providers in February highlights the challenges faced by Piracy Shield.

The publication of Piracy Shield’s source code on GitHub has dealt a significant blow to AgCom and SP Tech. They now must contend with requests for code removal, as well as legal and security implications stemming from the leak. The individual behind the leak, known as “Fuckpiracyshield,” appears to be protesting against Piracy Shield, condemning it as a tool for censorship rather than an effective anti-piracy measure. However, AgCom and SP Tech have denied any wrongdoing and claim that they are working on improving their platform to prevent future incidents from occurring.

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