After the war, Abu Mazen to focus on security and rehabilitation of Gaza

Abbas’s Visit to Qatar: Expanding Influence in Gaza and Building Bridges for Cooperation and Reconstruction

Qatar’s Prince invited Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to visit the country in an effort to expand the PA’s influence in Gaza following the war. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had previously advised Abbas to prepare for a post-war period, including forming a more representative government and developing plans for reform and reconstruction.

During his visit, Abbas briefed Blinken on the ongoing preparations for a new government, a rehabilitation plan, and reforms to the PA’s administrative, legal, and economic systems. Hamas officials expressed their willingness to cooperate with the Palestinian Authority on rebuilding Gaza but emphasized the need for a government that includes a range of Palestinian political forces and independent national figures.

Hamas pledged not to disrupt efforts to rebuild Gaza and support its residents in recovering from the effects of the war. The visit highlighted the importance of cooperation between Palestinian political forces for Gaza’s reconstruction and addressing post-war challenges in the region.

In conclusion, President Abbas’s visit to Qatar was an important step towards expanding the Palestinian Authority’s influence in Gaza following the war. The visit also provided an opportunity for Hamas officials and other Palestinian political forces to come together and work towards rebuilding Gaza while addressing post-war challenges in Palestine.

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