What we know about the collapsed bridge in Baltimore: a scene reminiscent of an action movie

A Devastating Bridge Collapse Causes Losses, Disruption and Raises Questions: A Closer Look at the Dali Incident

A dramatic collapse occurred on a kilometer-long bridge in Maryland, causing eight workers and at least seven cars to fall into the cold water. The accident happened around 1:30 a.m. local time, when the freighter Dali veered off course near the Francis Scott Key Bridge. It was later confirmed that this was an accident and not an act of terrorism, as stated by the FBI.

The Dali had lost propulsion and power just before the collision with the bridge, leaving it rudderless and out of control. Despite attempts by the crew to drop anchor and alert authorities, the collision was unavoidable due to the vessel’s lack of control. This tragedy resulted in significant losses for Maersk, a Danish shipping company whose stock value dropped significantly following the incident.

Rescue efforts were immediately launched to locate missing workers and retrieve submerged cars from the water. The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge raised concerns about its structural integrity, especially considering its significant span compared to newer bridges. The automotive supply chain in the US was also at risk of disruption due to the closure of Port Baltimore for rescue operations.

The impact of this bridge collapse extended beyond local communities, affecting industries and businesses reliant on transit through port facilities. Efforts were underway to divert shipments and address logistical challenges posed by this disaster. This incident served as a stark reminder of infrastructure failures’ potential consequences and highlighted the importance of maintaining aging structures.

In summary, a tragic accident occurred on a kilometer-long bridge in Maryland that caused significant damage to ships and people alike. The incident prompted rescue efforts, raised concerns about structural integrity, disrupted industries reliant on transit through port facilities, and underscored

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